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Contact lenses: beware of infections

Contact lenses are without doubt a great invention for those who cannot stand or do not like glasses. Increasingly sophisticated and adaptable to our body, they allow us to look natural and at the same time to continue to see well. Girls also use them to change their eye colour, just for fun, because after all it does not hurt and does no harm.

Or almost.
Infatti, nuovi studi dimostrano che le lenti a contatto possono aumentare il rischio di sviluppare infezioni oculari, possono veicolare i batteri che si raccolgono intorno fin dentro gli occhi e il contatto diretto col bulbo oculare fa sì che questi entrino immediatamente in circolo. Lo rivela uno studio del Langone Medical Center della New York University, presentato al meeting annuale della American Society for Microbiology a New Orleans.

In fact, new studies show that contact lenses can increase the risk of developing eye infections, as they can carry the bacteria that gather around them right into the eyes, so their direct contact with the eyeball causes the latter to enter the bloodstream immediately. This finding was revealed by a study of the Langone Medical Center at New York University, which was presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in New Orleans. A test conducted on 20 people divided the reactions according to those who used contact lenses every day (9 people) and those who never made use of them (the remaining 11). By analyzing the first group it appeared immediately clear that the presence of bacteria in their eyes was more numerous than in those of the examinees who did not wear lenses, but more importantly, that the bacteria identified in the eyes of the former had human skin as their natural habitat! These studies will continue with a view to understand how skin bacteria manage to arrive there: can they be carried by the fingers of the people who wear them, or is it the lens itself instead that draws them electrostatically? While waiting for the answer, the only thing we can do is invite those who wear contact lenses to be very careful... and girls not to play changing their eye colour for no reason.