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Dry eye syndrome: the blame lies with the use of computer and with menopause

Tears evaporate, eyes burn, light causes discomfort and you always have the feeling of having a “hair in the eye”. These are the unpleasant symptoms of dry eye syndrome, which is the problem that makes our eyes dry, preventing us from having a normal working day. Yes, because by now most of us work at the computer, or at least use the computer to relax. But this disorder is felt, and how.

If, in particular, you are a woman aged over 45, since what seems to affect a lot the eyes, in addition to the immoderate use of PC, is precisely menopause. Raging hormones are to blame: in short, these deplete the tear film and therefore prevent the eye from protecting itself with this precious liquid that we release when we cry or laugh too much, but also when the eye must be protected from harmful events. It is tears that collect foreign bodies and make them flow away, besides allowing the eye to release tension. Without tears, the problem arises all right.
Added to this is the use of contact lenses, the use and abuse of electronic screen devices (as mentioned above), some vices such as smoking…

How to intervene? In the first place, avoiding smoking and all those vices that can tire the eye, including staying out till all hours and the bad habit of reading or chatting at night! Then considering the right medical hormonal and ophthalmic care and the constant presence of a dehumidifier at home and at the office. Finally, add a longer rest from the ubiquitous computer, and maybe you will feel better.