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Tears evaporate, eyes burn, light causes discomfort and you always have the feeling of having a “hair in the eye”. These are the unpleasant symptoms of dry eye syndrome, which is the problem that makes our eyes dry, preventing us from having a normal working day. Yes, because by now most of us work at the computer, or at least use the computer to relax.

Contact lenses are without doubt a great invention for those who cannot stand or do not like glasses. Increasingly sophisticated and adaptable to our body, they allow us to look natural and at the same time to continue to see well. Girls also use them to change their eye colour, just for fun, because after all it does not hurt and does no harm.

Is the disease of the century cancer? Depression? Infertility? No… it’s myopia! Moreover, this disease will increasingly affect our children, since it affects one youngster (aged under 30) out of two. This is what European ophthalmologists stated after analyzing the data derived from a research published in the journal “Ophthalmology”.