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Centro Vista has been for more than 20 years a reference point in the field of Ophthalmology. Our strengths are basically tow, namely:

1. UpdateWe promote an unceasing renewal both in cultural and technological terms. In fact, we decided from the very beginning of our business to invest as much as possible in equipment and updating. We finally managed to reverse the course of those patients who were forced to look for all this far away from our beautiful Island.

2. ExperienceHowever, equipment without adequate experience is in fact of no use. Our clinical and surgical cases, relying on our extensive experience, amount to date to more than 35,000 operations performed in recent years and to an even greater number of clinical assessments. In the light of the foregoing, it seems unlikely that there can be just a single case that we have not already observed and dealt with. And we are growing day by day…

Thanks to its highly specialized team, Centro Vista combines these two key aspects, which are fundamental in the field of medicine, showing our attention to the most precious thing you entrust to us: your eyes..
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