YAG LASER Vitreolysis

LYag Laser vitreolysis is a treatment that allows reducing large moving vitreous bodies (floaters).
Vitreous opacities are very common and most of them need no treatment. However, there are often larger opacities that result in difficulties in reading, driving, and using computers.

Vitreolisi Yag Laser

The patient is often told that vitrectomy (removal of the vitreous humour containing the opacities) is the only solution, but this, in its standard methodology, is rarely recommended because of the related risk of cataract formation and, in 2% of cases, of retinal detachment.

Yag Laser vitreolysis, therefore, provides several advantages: it is much safer than vitrectomy, acts only on the areas affected by opacity and not on the whole vitreous humour. It is an outpatient procedure which lasts only 10-15 minutes, and the patient achieves a full recovery within 24 hours.

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