Advice on anaesthesia

Some diagnostic procedures, such as retinal fluorescein angiography, are performed with the injection of a contrast medium. In our facility this is always done after a careful assessment specialist anaesthetist assessment and always with the presence of the anaesthetist.

Advice on anaesthesia is therefore guaranteed for patients suffering from allergies waiting for a fluorescein angiography test, in order to plan a preventive antiallergic treatment. Besides the presence during the performance of fluorescein angiography tests, at Centro Vista the anaesthesiologist is always present for every surgical procedure, from the simplest to the most complex, such as corneal transplants.

We know well that it is a prudential measure of utmost importance, which demonstrates our high regard for your health.

Consulenza anestesiologica

Below is the exhortation of the President of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology (SOI), Dr. Matteo Piovella, to provide for the presence of the anaesthesiologist in any practice of eye surgery.


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