Ocular ultrasound scan

What is ocular ultrasound scan? Ocular ultrasound scan is a non-invasive test that, by means of ultrasound, allows assessing the internal structures of the eye. Ultrasound waves are reflected on the ocular tissues producing returning echoes that are picked up and translated into two-dimensional images.

Ecografia Oculare

How is ocular ultrasound scan performed?
Ocular ultrasound scan is performed with an ultrasound emitting probe which is rested gently on the eyelid of the patient, after application of a gel to improve the transition of the ultrasound signal. The ocular ultrasound scanner receives the reflected images, which it stores for a final diagnostic evaluation.

What is it used for?
Ocular ultrasound scan studies the ocular structures internal to the eye, especially when direct exploration is not possible due to opacities of the corneal, crystalline lens and vitreous humour.

Ocular ultrasound scan is used to study diseases such as retinal detachment, tumours, vitreous haemorrhage and choroid, as well as malformative and degenerative diseases of the retina and choroid. This test is also used in the study of diseases that involve the orbital structures, such as the optic nerve, extraocular muscles and retrobulbar fat.

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