NAVILAS Digitale fluorescein angiograph

In our centre we have put into service the NAVILAS Laser, an innovative “Navilas” Laser (Navigated Laser) which is a cutting-edge system for the treatment of retinal diseases.

“The ‘Navilas’ Laser is the last frontier in retinal laser therapy. It is an automated treatment, the first in ophthalmology, which with a real ‘laser-assisted retinal navigation’ optimizes the laser treatment, following any eye movement, resulting in a qualitative improvement of the patient’s well-being and comfort”.

Fluoraggio digitale Navilas

It is used to treat all retinal diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, vein occlusions and retinal and choroidal vascular diseases.

“‘Navilas’ consists of three integrated systems that allow acquiring the retinal images in a digital way, both of fluorescein angiography, colour and infrared type, hence the possibility to plan a laser treatment based on the pictures recorded or imported from other instruments, so as to perform a guided pan-retinal or focal laser therapy with high precision”.

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