Fluorescein angiography

Fluorescein angiography

Retinal fluorescein angiography is a method of ophthalmological investigation that allows viewing and taking pictures in rapid succession the retinal blood circulation and of any diseases, in order to make a diagnosis and plan the most appropriate treatment in an optimal way.

The test is conducted with the intravenous administration of a contrast medium (fluorescein). The contrast medium then spreads through the retinal vascular system, highlighting the pathological changes of the bloodstream. In fact, it is particularly indicated for all vascular diseases (hypertension, thrombosis, vascular occlusions, diabetes), inflammations (retinitis), macular degenerations (age-related, myopia), and optic disc diseases.


It is advisable to perform the examination on an empty stomach and, in case of previous allergy and hypersensitivity background, to seek consultation with our anaesthesiologist, who will prescribe you, if necessary, a preventive desensitization therapy.

The report will be issued on the day following the date of examination, except in special cases and of extreme urgency.

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