Argon Laser

Argon laser is a sophisticated tool that allows producing a “scar” on the retina. This scar is valuable because it can reinforce and join retinal areas affected by rhegmatogenous degeneration retinal holes, retinal breaks, etc.); alternatively, it can be used to erase the retinal areas that produce harmful substances such as VegF; the latter situation is mainly present in cases of pre-proliferative diabetic retinopathy and ocular vein thrombosis. It can also be used to assist intravitreal injective treatments in the therapy of retinal macular oedema.

Sergio Solarino visita Argon laser

Chirurgia Argon Laser

Therapies can therefore be varied and complex or sometimes simple and decisive, depending mainly on the clinical case. There is also a very sophisticated and robotized version that allows even more precise and specific treatments: to learn more, read the section NAVILAS.

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